• Encouraging Your Kids

    by - Sep 21, 2017
    I’ve been thinking a lot about encouragement lately. I’m an affiliate with DaySpring and last year they had a 21-Day Encouragement Campaign. It was pretty simple: you committed to encouraging at least one person every day...
  • Oh My Baggage – Anxiety, Worry, Fear

    by - May 27, 2017
    My parents used to call me the bag lady when I was around four years old because I loved to put things in a bunch of different bags and hide them in my room. If ever...
  • Everybody, Listen Up!

    by - Mar 18, 2017
      Everybody, Listen Up!   A few weeks ago my family decided to go on an outing. As we prepared to head out the door, everybody had their own plan and tried to convince everyone else...
  • Lead by Example

    by - Feb 23, 2017
    “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.” – St. Francis of Assisi   Setting An Example Recently my family went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Chipotle. (Just a side...

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