• Honor Changes People

    by - May 9, 2017
      May 2017 will go down as a very full month for me. As I write, I’m sitting in the Airport at Will Rodgers World Airport in Oklahoma City, OK. We were at the OCHEC Convention...
  • Canoeing Under Trenton!

    by - Apr 19, 2017
    We had a marvelous adventure planned for the day. I gave Joe a list of possible activities to choose from, which included tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse, hiking and “canoeing through and under Trenton on the Assunpink...
  • What Is Extreme Parenting?

    by - Mar 14, 2017
    Everyone seems to be going to extremes today and we’re loosing the ability to dialog in a meaningful and decent manner. I find it very frustrating. God made me with the personality of a peacemaker. That...
  • Raising Teenagers

    by - Feb 13, 2017
      Do you feel like you’re in a long dark tunnel with no end in sight? I know that feeling because I experienced it too! The teenage years can be a challenge for both parents and...
  • Take Your Parenting To The Next Level In 8 Weeks

    by - Feb 10, 2017
    Will You Make an Investment of 8 Weeks to Take Your Parenting to the Next Level?     I’d like to continue to share about how 8 Weeks can change your parenting and your family forever. In...

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