• Dreams – Are My Dreams Too Small

    by - May 27, 2017
      Enough Is it enough? We can often fall into the trap of asking ourselves if what we hope for our lives is enough. This is especially true from moms everywhere. There is so much pressure...
  • Why Is Our Love Language Important?

    by - Apr 19, 2017
    The Other Key As Andrew and I were planning our wedding and even on our wedding day there were people that encouraged us to be good communicators. A marriage with two good communicators stays healthy and...
  • Never Tell God “Never!”

    by - Apr 5, 2017
        Planning Life  When you are young making plans can be fun. You daydream and create this idea in your mind of what you think life will be. “I’ll be married at this age, have...
  • Fight Like A Mom

    by - Mar 22, 2017
      Learning No What’s the one word all children seem to hate? The one word that can turn a perfectly sweet child from cute to chaotic? The one word that parents seem almost allergic to these...
  • To the Dad with a Pre-Teen Girl: Don’t Give Up

    by - Mar 1, 2017
      The Attitude Girls and attitudes. Those two words seem to be synonymous or at least in my world they are. My daughter is only 2 and already has quite the attitude if the mood hits...
  • Being Saved From Kaa: Overcoming the Past

    by - Feb 16, 2017
    Movies and Lessons All my life I have loved movies. When I was young I fell asleep every night to a mix VHS tape (yep a tape) of “Peter Pan,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Follow That...

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