Be A Doer Of Your Dreams

What is that one thing you been wanting to do that seems impossible, above your skill level, too expensive, or too hard?   It’s the thing you dream about but you don’t pursue it.   Have you ever asked yourself why that is?   Be A Doer Of Your Dreams

Why don’t you go after your dreams?

Could it be that you fear failure?  It’s risky to step out of our comfort zone.  Maybe you don’t know how to navigate through the unknown.  Or perhaps you have allowed your past to define you and paralyze you from being who God created you to be.    Have you given up on yourself?

Did you know that God desires to do miracles in our life?   He cares about our dreams and I believe God gives us vision.

Your dreams matter!

Perhaps your dream is to re-decorate your home or start your own business, or homeschool, go on a missions, or get in better shape.    All these things are possible and so much more.   God will direct us and we need to be willing to be doers and not just dream.

Are You A Dreamer That Only Dreams?

A dreamer is one who waits for the best moment to take action and they are fearful of the unknown.  They stay put, sleep, and stay comfortable in what they know.  Dreamers don’t like failure and doing something different is too risky.

I have learned that life doesn’t just happen while sitting around.  We have to be on our feet ready to move with our road map highlighted!!!    We have to climb a few mountains, cross some wild rivers, go through muddy waters, walk through some deserts, and pull weeds, and plant seeds before we reach our destination.

There is no sitting on a beach drinking rum and coke wondering when will the next bus come by and give us a lift up that steep mountain.  It doesn’t work that way.    There are no free rides.   

The process is more important than reaching our destination.   God wants to do a good work in us and teach us how to climb, pull weeds, swim the seas, and plant seeds.   God cares more about our heart then our circumstances…… Click Here to find out How Dreamers Can Be Doers Too

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Lisa Brown

Lisa is an aspiring writer with a mother's passion for Homeschool Education and is also a Parent Coach. She has an 9 yr. old son, a 7 yr. old daughter, and has been married to her husband for 10+ yrs.Prior to marriage, she worked over 20 yrs. enriching the lives of hundreds of children and families. Lisa has a Bachelors in Social Work and Early Childhood Education.
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