resting in the almighty

Faithful Children

In the warm days of childhood,
Run to me,
and in the circle of my arms I give you rest,
Cry to me,
and I will give you a soft place to rest your head,
Shout in anger,
and I will listen and hold you close,
Question me,
and I will rise calmly and point you to truth.
But in the quiet secret place,
I will run,
and hide beneath His wings to rest my tired soul,
I will cry,
and He will fill me with His soft reassuring light,
I will shout in anger,
and He will trade my anger for peace,
I will question Him,
and He will rise and gently point me to His Son.
With your hand in mine,
We may run,
and not grow weary,
We may cry,
and He will dry all our tears,
We may shout,
with praise and thanksgiving,
We will find answers
to our every question, when we see His face.
Lindsay Hausch
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Lindsay Hausch

Lindsay is an avid coffee drinker and full time mom to an almost 4 year old and 18 month terrorist (I mean toddler). She gets paid to write ad copy for explainer videos and beauty companies, but her passion is blogging about faith, motherhood, and her struggles with anxiety.
Lindsay Hausch
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