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The Bad Dream Is In There

The three-year-old refused to go into his room, day or night, because,“The bad dream is in there.”

He was terrified and his mom was worried. This had gone on for six months.

During a Facebook conversation, the mom and I did some nightmare blasting.

The “bad dream” had to be removed.

 When my son was ten, Tom and I had a neighbor who had behaved in a threatening way toward the family. This began the a time of fearful and sleepless nights for our son. Tom and I were concerned for him. We prayed for an answer on how to help our child.

I shared this with my Bible study buddies. One woman had a similar experience but she was the dreamer.

She believed this was a spiritual attack. She told me how she read from Psalms in every room, the verses in scripture where fear was defeated with faith and God’s victory is proclaimed. Then she anointed all the doorways and windows with olive oil, to represent the Holy Spirit.

I picked my boy up from school and we followed the plan. He felt settled. More content. But…as night rolled around fear began to creep in. 

 Tom went into our ten-year-old’s room and said, “You have done your part. Now trust God to do His.”

That night fear was replaced by faith. 

 Now for a three-year-old that approach needs some age adjusting. Here are the five things I recommended to the anxious mom:

1. On her own go into her boy’s room and read the same type of verses and anoint the room.

2. Go to the store (or maybe just the linen closet) with your child and get some Bad Dream BeGone (Fabreeze®) off the shelf.

3. Pray with your child. Pray an Armor of God prayer: “Lord, I pray that Gavin is strong in you and your mighty power.”

4. Have your child wear Armor of God (new jammies) to bed.

5. Before climbing into bed, spray the Bad Dream BeGone in the closet, under the bed, etc. Let the child be the sprayer. The spray repels and chases away the bad dreams. 

It’s possible you may need expand this to more trust training. Here are a few ideas:

  • Just like your child trusts you to catch him when he jumps into your arms. God will be there to take care of him while he sleeps. Have your child jump, you catch him and say, “God is with you, just like I am.”
  • Watch the Vegie Tales DVD: God is Bigger than the Boogie Man.
  • Be mindful of the shows your sensitive child watches on “the screen.”

In peace I will lie down and sleep,
for you alone, Lord,
make me dwell in safety. 

Psalm 4:8

What ideas have you used to help your child chase away the bad dreams? 

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  • Terry palmer

    What a great way to approach a difficult subject. We have similar issues with outside in the dark, or in the basement in the dark. It’s amazing how many noises a home generates on its own during the winter months and how scary that can be. I’ll share this with both daughters. Bless you that you’ll continue these much needed ideals in a Christian way. It’s all about Jesus.
    Author Terry Palmer

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