Toddlers Are Full Of Energy and Too Busy To Stop Playing

Don’t we all wish that we had the energy of a toddler?

These little energy beings are constantly on the move and the minute we let them out of our sight they do something they shouldn’t.   And why don’t they listen to us?  It’s like they can’t slow down for just a minute and be still.

The Off Button

Toddlers don’t have an off button, just endless energy and that is because developmentally they don’t have a mature off switch.   It’s around three that we can expect kids to be tuned into their off button and most importantly we also must remember that Toddlers have a one-track mind.  They fight for what they want and they don’t worry if they are right or wrong.  This is so tiring isn’t it moms?

For All Of You Tired Moms

I was on Facebook the other day reading questions from moms about parenting.  There was a mom who has a little one who will not stop jumping on her couch.   She tells him “no” and the minute she walks away he is up to it again.   She is overwhelmed by his rough housing and not respecting her things or space.  There is one room that is off limits and it’s the room her toddler keeps going in.     Mom is frustrated and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t obey.

And this is why

  • We didn’t come into this world obeying.  We learned to obey.  Toddlers have no limits until they are taught.
  • Energitic toddlers need more opportunities to explore with very few limits and they need more space then things.

 My Toddler Friendly Home

There are so many ways to keep peace in a home with an energetic toddler.  I made my home toddler friendly when my kids were that age.  I stored any belongings that were breakable and special to me.   I put cleaning supplies up high and out of reach.

  • We created a space in our family room for them to climb, slide, roll, and run around.
  • I had sheets on hand to make tents and a tunnel to crawl through.
  • My bottom kitchen cabinets were filled with unbreakable items for them to play with.

By creating a toddler friendly home our little ones have more fun and we have less stress.  


What are some things you do to make your home toddler friendly?

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