Helping Kids Get Over Themselves

It’s ridiculous that kids think that everything in life must be about them and for them.   And I hate to say this, but they learn it from adults.     When adults complain about how unfair life is, it teaches kids to want more and they get this false impression that things make us happy.   But there is something even more disturbing to me.

Kids are learning from adult conversations or media that this world is filled with bad, this is true, but it’s sad when the good isn’t being shared, there is a whole lot of complaining, blaming, lying, and very little appreciation.    Kids are being influenced by opinions and attitudes that don’t reflect peace, passion, or serving.  Adults are teaching kids to hate, fear and be angry.    This is messing up our kids.

When kids live in a world filled with negative talk, back stabbing, name calling, and treating others unfairly, they soon believe that they need to protect their own rights and things.  They learn to do for themselves instead of doing unto others as they would for themselves.    And why is it that it takes major loss and devastation before adults start loving their neighbors as themselves?

Why do kids have to wait to see adults join hands and care for others until a major disaster happens?  Kids need to see and know that there are adults in their communities who are helping others in need all the time.   They need to see adults showing appreciation for those who serve our cities and country. 

My awesome mom showed her Grand Daughter what it means to give thanks and treat others as special.  My mom is in her eighties and she needed volunteers from the fire/ambulance department to take her to the hospital.   They were super sweet to her and they checked up on her while she was in the hospital.  They treated her special and made her feel safe.    When my mom recovered she bought two large containers of cheese balls from Walmart and had my daughter and I deliver them.  She also wrote a nice note thanking them for the excellent job they did.   My seven-year-old daughter loved doing this!!!  She did not hesitate to thank them for taking care of her beloved Grandma.

In church the other day the Pastor challenged us to go and thank the Police officers and Fireman for their service in our Community.   My kids and I went to Walmart looked for the crunchy -orange- cheeseballs but couldn’t find any, instead we bought boxes of chips and chocolate candy.   As a labor of love, I had the kids carry the items through the store without a cart and out to the car.   They delivered the goods to Policemen and Volunteer Ambulance drivers in our community, they showed love with a happy smile and thankful hearts.  My daughter thanked them for caring for us and keeping us safe.

A connection was made between my kids and those who serve in our community.  My kids were the hands and feet of Jesus.  Those who serve us need to be appreciated.    We are called to love others like Jesus loves.  We can’t love one another if we only think about ourselves. 

I strongly believe that kids get over themselves when they participate in community service projects.  Like going with a group of kids and cleaning up trash.  My daughter and her new girl friends went to a park with several parents and did this.  They had a blast as they worked together and played in the cattails.

My nine-year-old son wants to go give more goodies to the firemen and policemen.   He appreciates their service and he knows all the good that they do.       My daughter feels safe because of them.    They know that they are blessed and they are thankful.

I’m challenged to step outside of myself, my schedule, my needs, and provide more opportunities for my kids to publicly show honor towards those who serve in our community and our world.      Dare I take this challenge or do I just think about myself?    Do I complain about the wrong in this Country or do I be a solution?     Do I Preach the Gospel to my kids and not live it?       My heart is changing.


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Lisa is an aspiring writer with a mother's passion for Homeschool Education and is also a Parent Coach. She has an 9 yr. old son, a 7 yr. old daughter, and has been married to her husband for 10+ yrs.Prior to marriage, she worked over 20 yrs. enriching the lives of hundreds of children and families. Lisa has a Bachelors in Social Work and Early Childhood Education.
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