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Ending Homework Battles

I’m not surprised that so many families are faced with homework battles.    Kids are exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, and their needs are not being met.   There are things that parents can do differently.

Homework Battle – Can’t Focus

Parents get frustrated with this one the most.  They set up a quiet place for their son or daughter to work in hope that their kid can get it done and nothing gets done.

There is a solution!!!!    Try exercise.

Kids need to exercise for brain power  

Often times when kids can’t focus they are feeling lazy.  But when kids play hard, exercise, and make that heart pump, they will think better.

Exercise helps energize kids 

Open gyms are useful with trampolines, obstacle courses, and climbing ropes.  Tracks are great for biking, running, and scooters.  Playgrounds are valuable for climbing, swinging,  twirling and running around.   Have free time play at a skating or ice rink and schedule in swimming at least once or twice a week.

It’s important to stay active everyday and to encourage kids to jump, run, and climb.   When kids exercise, homework battles decrease and kids focus better.

Homework Battle –  It’s Boring 

Boring comes from dependence on technology, hunger, and not enough sleep.    Parents often times think that if they get their kids involved in activities they will be entertained and happy.   Entertaining kids all the time is actually destroying our kids ability to think, create, or be relational.  Basically kids are too busy being involved in activities that they are not getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, and they are not getting enough quiet time to use their own minds to think for themselves.

Kids Brains These Days Are Put On Pause

To get minds excited about reading, math, and learning.  Turn the screens off and open up books, go to museums, libraries, and meet with real people to learn about history, culture, and science.

Brains need books, life experiences, and people.   Screen time is one big fat distraction that is putting kids brains to sleep.  

To end homework battles – Nurture The Mind and Care for the Body by

  1. Make sure kids get enough sleep every night.  Eight to ten hours of sleep
  2. Eat healthy meals and keep junk food out of the house
  3. Play and exercise at least an hour or two a day
  4. Limit screen time to an hour a day or not at all
  5. Slow down as a family.  Kids need time and flexibility to do their school work when they are in the mood to do it.   It’s hard for kids to find their sweet spot, settle down, and concentrate when they are rushed to finish school work by a set time.   Often times parents deadlines are what makes kids resist.  Kids need margin in their life to just play, day dream, create art and hang with friends.


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