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May 2017 will go down as a very full month for me. As I write, I’m sitting in the Airport at Will Rodgers World Airport in Oklahoma City, OK. We were at the OCHEC Convention this week and last week we were in Worchester, Mass. at the MassHOPE Convention. I love interacting with parents and coaching them at these events. They are very eager for help for their family and advice about parenting.


We have 8 different lines of curriculum at the National Center for Biblical Parenting geared toward strengthening families and equipping parents. (You can learn more about all 8 lines of curriculum on our website. http://www.biblicalparenting.org/pr-parent.asp) I’ve talked about all of these over the past couple of weeks, but I’m really zoned in on 2 of them. We always start with a focus on training the heart and not just modifying behavior. This is where we start in our parent coaching program. I also led a parenting seminar a week ago for a group of parents at the Point Community Church in North Brunswick, NJ. I love interacting with parents about training the hearts of their children.


My absolute favorite line of curriculum is our material that deals with the Biblical concept of honor. This material helps parents and children deal with the selfishness in their hearts. We focus our application mostly on the family and parenting, but it is very relevant to every aspect of life. Selfishness is all around us so when we value and honor others in makes a huge impact. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I’ll be the speaker once again at the Family Camp at Lakeside Christian Camp in the Berkshires of Western Mass. (They’ve been focusing on parent training for the past couple of years and I’ve had the privilege of being the speaker at each weekend.) This year, we’ll be working on developing honor in the family.


One of the reasons why this material is such a favorite for me is the way God used it to change my life. When we were developing the material, we produced our first video series. As part of that process, we also developed a program for children that could be done alongside the adult video series for the parents. The goal was to have parents and children learning the same concepts over the 13 weeks of the series. We had the privilege of “field-testing” the children’s program in our family. We were homeschooling our boys, so we used this as the Bible curriculum for one term. My schedule as a campus minister allowed me to participate with the rest of the family. It was awesome for a number of reasons.


First, we all embraced this as an important character quality to develop. I can really say that both of my boys have become men of honor. It’s a part of who they are. That’s very satisfying for a parent. It comes out in the way they treat us; the way they treat others in the community and at work and especially in the way they treat each other. It was one of the most touching moments of my life, when Tim gave the best man toast at his brother Dave’s wedding. He shared how much he appreciated his support and how he was his best friend. That was a very emotional moment for me. They have been great supporters for each other over the years. I’m so very proud of them.


The other reason why I love this material is because God used it to change my life. I realized that I wasn’t always very honoring in my relationships with others. In fact, I wasn’t always honoring in the way I related to my boys. The Bible teaches us “honor others more than you do yourself.” (Romans 12:10) We often forget that our children are included in this command to “honor others.” This passage applies to our relationship with our children. We are to value and honor them as children of God. I often treated them more as my “minions” than equals. In my desire to teach my boys about the importance of honoring authorities, I wasn’t actually modeling what it means for us to honor all people.


One of the most current applications for me involves how I relate to the young people in our church. We often treat young people today as if they are “almost adults” and not our brothers and sisters in Christ. Adults have a unique opportunity to help young people step into adulthood by valuing and honoring them. This involves valuing the gifts and abilities that they bring to the body of Christ. We bless them by giving them opportunities to lead and use their gifts. This is what honor is all about. If you want to learn more about honor, you’ll want to read Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes in Your and Your Kids.


I’d be very grateful for your prayers on Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll be speaking, but also interacting with families throughout that weekend. There will be many wonderful opportunities for ministry. I’m grateful for your prayers.


You may remember that I’m on a mission to mobilize senior adults to mentor the next generation. One place I’ll be doing this is at the Second Annual Legacy Grandparenting Summit at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX from November 2-4, 2017. We have a very special discount to offer you as a friend of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. It’s the same as the Summit Group Discount, but you can come as part of our “group.” When you register, just use the discount code NCBP17 and that will reduce the price to $144.00 if you register before May 30. 2017. You can still use the code after that, but you won’t get the early bird pricing. Please pass this on to grandparents and other senior adults in you family or community.

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Ed Miller

Ed has been married to Joanne Miller for almost 35 years and they have two grown sons. Joanne is the co-founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting (NCBP) and the co-author of many books on parenting. She also works as a pediatric nurse. Ed and Joanne worship at Calvary Chapel Living Hope in New Jersey.

Ed and Joanne’s sons are now adults. Dave Miller married Amanda Truscott in April of 2014 and this was a wonderful celebration for the whole family. Dave now finishing up his training to become a Physical Therapy Assistant and Amanda is an athletic trainer at a local New Jersey High School. They had a baby girl on January 7, 2016 and we love our little granddaughter Madison Rose. Tim Miller lives in Lawrenceville and works as a civil engineer. The “Miller boys” love playing tennis together and a good round of golf.

Ed is a good friend of Dr. Scott Turansky. He and Scott have enjoyed working together, living in the same neighborhood and vacationing together with their families for almost 25 years. The two families have also worked together to develop the NCBP) over the past 20 years. Ed now serves as the Director of Development for the NCBP; the leader of the Family Ministry Consultation Team and a content presenter. Being a good parent, husband and follower of Jesus Christ are important values in Ed’s life. He also loves coaching youth baseball and rooting for the Yankees.
You can reach Ed at ed@biblicalparenting.org.
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  • Of all 8 lines of curriculum we have, this is my favorite. Honor is the secret ingredient in family life. Read my story about how it changed my life.

  • Armand

    Thanks Dear ED for sharing this “Honor” principle from the Great BOOK The Bible. my prayer is that God should lead me as much as he did for you to experience this in my family (like he did for yours) . Tears came out of my eyes while reading what this “Honor” principle did to your boys. Thanks again. My prayer my wish and my desire is that God should and must use your ministry (National Center for Biblical Parenting ) to CHANGE Families worldwide and turn the hearts of Both parents and children to him for his Glory alone. AMEN

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