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Today on The Family Roadmap podcast I will be talking about kids exercise and learning.

 What is one of the most important activities we can do with our children to help them be more successful with their academics? 

Is it reading books?   Or is it doing 20 spelling words a day?   Or could it be doing math tests daily?

I don’t think anyone would disagree that these are important things to do.

We would all probably agree that good nutrition and enough sleep is very important for our kid’s success too.

But I think there is something more that our children need and I believe that is exercise.  The kind of exercise that gets their hearts pumping and oxygen flowing.

When my kids don’t exercise, I notice that they get sluggish, irritated, and grumpy.   They have a hard time doing their school work and focusing.    My Kids complain that they are too tired, it’s no fun, it’s boring or it’s too hard.  They don’t finish their lessons because they can’t sit still.

After my kids exercise and play outside they are ready to get their school work done.   And it’s because of this that I think exercise is something that we must encourage our children to do daily and in between lessons.

I have observed in other kids as well as mine that they listen and comprehend more information after they have a good time running and jumping.

It seems to me that when we get our hearts to pumping we get our brains to thinking.   It’s so cool how exercise improves my children’s ability to learn.

I have been reading different articles and books on how the brain functions.   If I’m understanding my research studies correctly, it sounds like exercise increases blood flow to the brain and makes it easier for children to learn.  Some professionals even suggest that regular exercise improves short-term memory, increases faster reaction time and more creativity.

How can I not make sure my kids get enough exercise if this is all true?

I’ve even read in some articles that the brain nerve cells branch out and join when we exercise.  This allows the cells to communicate in new ways and this leads to kid’s openness to learning and retaining more knowledge.

I struggle with making exercise a priority in our family but I realize that it is so important and I strive to be a good example for my kids.

Following are some things that we can do to make exercise more fun.

Take walks together

Go running with the dogs

Ride bikes to picnic area

Have dance contests

Play sports together as a family

Explore new places and go on nature hikes

I have noticed that when my kids get their bodies moving they do their school work faster and they understand new concepts quicker.

A matter a fact it’s so noticeable that I’m intentionally striving to schedule exercise time into our daily routine and simplifying our busy life for physical activity.

Thank you so much for joining me today at The Family Roadmap Podcast.  Now that spring is here I’m sure playing outside will be exactly what our kids will want to do.  I say, we let them as much as we can.  So, have fun playing in the sun with your kids.

If you enjoyed this podcast today, please leave a comment and share with others.  Together let’s encourage one another to get our kids hearts pumping.


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