Cure For a Lonely Heart – Be A Friend!

In the core of our being we long to be seen.  We wonder if anybody notices us and when they don’t we conclude that we don’t matter.  Months can go by before we hear a good friend check in and say, “Hello how are you?  I miss you.” This is what leads a Momma to have a lonely heart.

The Lonely Days

It’s sad when no one is around on the rainy days or sunny days for that matter.  Before we take an offense to this we must first take inventory of our own effort to reach out to others.   How can we expect to be connected with others if we aren’t initiating conversations and a get together?

There is somebody right now waiting for your phone call or email. 

There are times that moms are faced with a painful life crisis and finding support from a safe person is hard to find.  We conclude that our life is way too messy and no one will really understand anyway.  So, we isolate ourselves.  If we allow this to go on for too long we can get depressed.

We must remember that there is a mom right now who is hurting and she needs words of encouragement.   You may be the very friend that she needs.    And more than likely she will want to know how you are too.  It’s a beautiful thing when two moms come together and lift each other up in prayer. 

Stay at home moms often feel excluded from social life and the reasons vary.  Military wives struggle with making long term connections because they are always on the move.  Moms who live out in the country only can meet a few times a year.   It’s difficult to have the flexibility that is needed to be social for moms who are breastfeeding, caring for a chronic sick child, or homeschooling children several hours a week.    There are so many reasons why moms don’t connect.

Dear Momma friend if you are stuck on lonely days and your heart is longing for connection please know that you aren’t alone and there is a way out of this pit.

Cure for a lonely heart!

Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated

If someone doesn’t hear from us they might think that we are busy, don’t care, or we have moved on without them.  For friends to stick together they must pay attention to one another and be intentional.

There is nothing to talk about or reason to stay connected if everyone acts like everything is great.   It’s when we share our struggles that we truly bond.

It’s not that we should share our story with anybody or everybody.  We must be wise and use discernment.    But honestly, it’s when we take risks that we begin to see who we can trust to be in our inner circle.

With an inner circle of friends, we are guaranteed to experience adventures together.     If this is what you long for then you need to be the one inviting and driving.   Because if you don’t you might be waiting all by yourself on the side of the road for a long time.  Loneliness is a choice.

We all are busy and we all can make time for one another.  It’s important. Why not share a meal? Or invite a new mom over for a play date, or offer to run an errand. Or give a simple sweet gift with a homemade card?  There are so many kind things we can do today to help a mom feel special.

How often do we say “hi” to the momma’s we don’t know?  Everyday there are moms all by themselves in the stores, waiting rooms, and the park.  Just the other day a mom made a nice comment about my necklace.  It made me smile.  I came alive.  It was the first lady that talked to me in person for the first time in a 24-hour time frame.

I returned her kindness by reaching out to others too.   It feels good to get out of myself and reach out.

We must be a friend if we want a friend.

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