Never Tell God “Never!”



Planning Life

 When you are young making plans can be fun. You daydream and create this idea in your mind of what you think life will be. “I’ll be married at this age, have my first child here, have this career…”etc.etc. We spend lots of time planning life and forget that if a person plans without God their plans are very likely to fail. Having goals in life is wonderful but to make goals without God in the midst is like baking a cake with no flour, it’s kinda flat.


When I got married (which happened well after I had planned in my mind) I thought life was set. We talked about five year plans and the future. We had ideas on the number of kids, the type of schooling, the type of job, etc.etc. and here we are almost four years later in a completely different scenario.


Looking back, I’m asking, “What is the point of trying to plan? Why cast a vision or set goals if God’s going to mess it all up? I said never and God didn’t listen, now what?”


My Nevers to God

My husband and I were married in the middle of college. I graduated while pregnant with our Eleanor. I left college saying, “I want nothing to do with my major, I want to stay home, homeschool and take care of my family.” I had worked in childcare for years and I also had the privilege of babysitting for years. I loved “my” babies but I set my mind on never going to work. If I was to work I would do it from home or not at all.


“Never God.”


During the dating days and during the early stages of marriage Andrew and I had many discussions about children. We knew how we wanted to parent and we thought we wanted about 4-5 kids. Big families were great, it would be awesome and he was pushing for having them about every two years.


“Never God do we want just one or do we want them to be too far apart.”


After Eleanor was born I worked hard at blogging. I wanted nothing to do with my college degree I only wanted to write and maybe one day travel and speak. I was passionate about ministering to women and I just knew that would be the direction God took me.


“Never God do I want to do church ministry.”


 God’s Chuckle

We laid all of those things out so well and we really thought we knew what we were doing. We were setting our lives on a path and honestly, we thought it was the right path. There was nothing bad and for the most part we were planning to do “good” stuff, of course God would honor that.


I look back on all of our “plans” and I feel like I get this vision of God saying, “Oh, okay, you think that’s how it’s going to work out. That is interesting.”


Fast forward those plans to present day and almost all of those “nevers” are coming into life as we know it. Eleanor sampled daycare for the first time this week and loved it. She is now over two and we have no plans for another until she is around 4. I volunteer almost full time for ministry in my church and love every single minute.


God chuckled and then God brought about HIS perfect will for our lives. It is still a work in progress but we are walking HIS plan instead of ours.


Never Can be Best

We didn’t realize it at the time but God knew exactly what He was doing (surprise, I know, haha). He orchestrated things in such a way that we still look back and go, “Wow!” If we don’t allow room for God to overcome our “never” syndrome then we don’t allow God to be God. His word tells us He has good in store for those who seek Him. He has a plan, He has a purpose, He’s not going to take us somewhere to see us fail.


Never can be best when we trust that God really knows what He is doing. In our lives, we have learned that it’s best just to say, “God, here I am, use me and have Your way in my life.” Complete trust begins when we decide that God can make better plans than we can fathom. Let’s let our never rest and trust God to bring His best.

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