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In today’s podcast I will be talking about raising boys and encouraging them to live life with a servant’s heart.    It’s our mission as Moms to raise God honoring boys and to help them become men who will fight for truth, peace, and righteousness.    We do this by believing in them and seeing our boy as heroes who will grow up to do mighty things.

Boys get frustrated when they feel like they are always being corrected and lectured.  They desire relationship and challenges to save the day.

Highlights Of Podcast

How Do Boys Listen?

They listen well when parents communicate understanding, compassion, and respect.  In order to do this we must understand how boys think.

Following Are Questions We Must Ask Ourselves.  

  • – What encourages him to be brave?
  • -What motivates him to conquer?
  • -What does he love and care about?


Every boy wants to be a Hero!!!!  And they look to us for reassurance and acceptance.  They want us to tell them that they have what it takes.   We can bring the best out of them by acknowledging their abilities and showing them that we believe in them.

Take Away From Podcast

Boys need to hear

  • “Way to go son!”
  • “You saved the day!”
  • “You are my superhero!”
  • “You can do it!”
  • “You are capable and smart!”
  • “You are strong and mighty!!!”


They want us to

Recognize their strengths and leadership abilities.

They shine when we allow them to make choices and take risks.


They want to feel

Appreciated, valued, smart, resourceful, and respected!!  They long to be noticed for who they are and not what others think they should be.


Bottom Line!

Instead of nagging at your son the next time he doesn’t do what you ask him to do remind him that there is a hero inside of him waiting to save the day. 


I hope you enjoy today’s podcast.  You will hear my story with my son.   The two of us are on an amazing journey and he is teaching me so much about boyhood.


LisLisa Brownten to the podcast

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