Rushing through life? Slow Down by Mariah Glynn

I’ve never been able to sit still. My childhood report cards were sent home with the red penned notes “unable to focus,” “distracted,” “chatty.” I always felt like there was something more interesting somewhere… else. Now as an adult this constant hum of energy has developed into a skill of multitasking. I find this skill to be a strength, however, others may see it differently. I am a person who sees a list and immediately feels the need to check it off until complete. I don’t like waiting but that can lead to rushed decisions and breathless days.

As a mother of two, Hayden 4 & Ainsley 3, this constant on-the-go characteristic plays well in my life. But I find it hard to relax. Truly. While others find solace in a weekend on the couch, or an evening soaking in the tub, I can NOT sit still. When I am bored, I create things. Sometimes I create or plan for things that will never exist. Creating lists for unrealistic events, designing rooms and renovations we cannot afford. I don’t know how to turn it off. I am happiest when my hands are busy and my brain is rolling. But this often leaves me bored. Why you ask? Because I work too fast. Am I too hasty, am I not putting in the effort I should? My greater concern is how is this perceived in my personal life. How does this affect my children?

Am I a mom who rushes through life, missing moments? Am I not taking the time I need to focus on them for the short time they are truly mine? The little hands that hold my fingers, rub my skin and hug around my neck, am I brushing them away? Despite my “career” my job on earth is to serve as a mother. I was given a gift that many do not easily earn or will never share. And so, I find myself sniffing them as we embrace, pressing my lips to their heads and holding… just holding, until I can let go. But can I? Will I? Should I?

Will my hovering and constant sheltering under feathered wings leave me with spoiled brats the world cannot endure? I don’t know. But my father has sheltered me under feathered wings since I was first created. As nothing more than a speck, a peanut, a bean inside of my own mothers womb, he sheltered me. But he is also a jealous and strict father. Demanding of me when I feel I can no longer give. Knowing my limitations when I cannot understand my own strength and weakness.

Will loving my children create a wimpy son and a diva daughter?  The balance between coddling and parenting is a struggle. Rushing around just trying to get a day accomplished can lead to the easy-road as a parent. I give-in to things I should stand strong on, “No you can’t have more candy, certainly not for breakfast.” I compromise to prevent crying fits and hurriedly put shoes and coats on myself, because it is faster. Am I creating the lazy, self-indulgent, entitled children that are bringing this country and world to its lowest point, because I am in a hurry?

Being a parent is not about rushing, not about giving your child everything they want, not about calming tears and outbursts with one more treat or present. Parenting is about being strong enough to survive the temper tantrums and rigid enough to make it through the fits of dashed desires our children are so theatrical in performing. Parenting is not just about loving and cuddling. It’s about guidance even when it calls for a strict or firm hand. Ephesians 6:4  says “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

Parenting lessons from my holy father have shown me that true happiness comes not from getting every wish granted but from the ability to adapt when they aren’t and be thankful when they are. Without our deepest despair we cannot truly know our greatest glories.


Mariah Glynn
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Mariah Glynn

Mariah Glynn is an avid writer “Using God, Love, and Motherhood to Develop Life's Awesomesauce.” She spends the majority of her time with her husband of 6+ years, a 5-year-old son, and 3-year-old daughter. What started as a way to share her faith and daily mom-struggles turned into a full time blog in March 2017. Mariah writes on topics including motherhood, matrimony, work and home balance, social issues, and her evolution as a Christian.

Mariah proudly holds a Bachelor of Science of Communications/Investigative Broadcast News from Kent State University, as well as, multiple certificates of study from Ohio State University, and Texas A&M.Please visit or search @awesomesauceguru on FaceBook to share in more of her stories.
Mariah Glynn
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