Being Saved From Kaa: Overcoming the Past

Movies and Lessons

All my life I have loved movies. When I was young I fell asleep every night to a mix VHS tape (yep a tape) of “Peter Pan,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Follow That Bird.” By the time I was a teen I could quote the first half of Peter Pan without blinking an eye. As I have grown I still love movies but now they are so different for me. When I sit down to watch a movie I see past the entertainment and I see the lesson being taught. You see, when we watch a movie or TV show it impacts us even if we don’t realize it. There’s a lesson in there that will help us be better or worse after.

Since I have become a mom I have not had the chance to see very many movies outside of cartoons. Even those are scarce because most days her choice is “ELMO!” On the rare occasion that I get to see something relatively new or not a Hallmark TV movie I still find myself seeking out the lesson hidden in between the lines. What will I learn because of this? Will I walk away feeling better about myself, about life? Or will this movie leave me feeling empty?

The Jungle of our Past

About a week ago I had the chance to scroll through Netflix and find the new live action “Jungle Book” movie.  I grew up with the original cartoon so I had no idea what to expect, but what I saw was pretty good. There was one scene in particular I was dreading and that was the scene that actually impacted me the most.

I will confess now, I hate snakes. Like, HATE, hate snakes. I don’t like to talk about them, see them, hear of them or think of them. So for me to say the scene that spoke the most was the one scene with a huge, anaconda snake is a big deal.

If you don’t know the storyline let me fill you in. Mowgoli has been in the jungle and because of things happening he is setting out to get to the man village. He ends up deep in the jungle and out of nowhere he hears a voice that sets out to comfort him. It is the voice of a female, a female what the view can only guess by the glimpses of a slimy body we see hanging around.

Before he knows what is happening our man cub is face-to-face with Kaa, a huge anaconda that is lulling him in with a sweet voice and a captive light in her eyes. She tells him she can reveal where he is from and why he was lost in the jungle. Her eyes begin to show him his past and draw him into where he came from.

What he does not realize is that the whole time she is mesmerizing him with his past she is coiling him up and crushing him. He is so captivated by what was that he is oblivious to what is going on now.

*Spoiler Alert He doesn’t get eaten.

It’s okay, take a breath, he is saved by Baloo the bear. That is not the end of his story. As I sat there watching through the cracks of my fingers (remember snakes scare me I couldn’t watch the scene without my hands up) I realized how powerful this was.

How many time does our past pull us in and gain our focus so that we lose sight of what is happening? How many times does it sneak in and try to suffocate us? The past longs to steal our present but there is a way to overcome.

Victorious Present

The enemy of our souls longs to keep us bound in what we were. As moms, he loves to keep us harping on how we lost it yesterday or blew up last week. He constantly keeps our failures before us because if we are always hung up on what was we will miss what is happening now, today. We will walk in condemnation and that makes his life easier. When we condemn ourselves, we steal the power of the cross.

The cross brought freedom and to live bound after what Jesus did is to imply that it wasn’t enough. Condemnation does not help us to be better, it helps to hold us back. Holy Spirit comes to convict and we can grow from that but condemnation comes to convince us that what we did was unforgivable.

That is a lie.

We have our moments, our days, our weeks, we lose it and things happen. The best thing we can do for our children, our spouse, and our selves is to allow the blood of Jesus to wash us and forgive us. His blood is enough. When we repent to those we hurt and we repent to God it’s time to let it go. We cannot carry who we were yesterday into today because today is a new day.

Mama, our past can try to condemn but know that because of Jesus we can walk in freedom. We have the joy of walking in a victorious present because He has overcome!

Whatever “Kaa” is trying to show you about who you were realize that it is not who you are. The only way we can see who we are is to look into the eyes of the Father. Slap that snake of the past and tell him he can go back to where he came from because our Father says that is no longer who we are.

We are no longer slaves to fear, to sin or to the past! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and He is in you!


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