No More Bedtime Battles When It Is Time To Go To Sleep


Why is it so difficult for children to go to sleep at bedtime?

Does this sound familiar?

“Mommy can I have a drink?”

“Mommy there is an alien under my bed?”

“Mommy I’m hungry”

“Mommy will you snuggle me?”


There can be several reasons for not going to sleep.

  • It could be they had too much sugar before bed or a high carb dinner.
  • Kids have a hard time going from active play to going to sleep.
  • It’s difficult for kids to go to sleep after television shows or video games.
  • Scheduling too many outings in the evenings prevents children from having a regular schedule that their mind and body can adjust too.
  • Kids who over sleep in the morning typically don’t go to sleep at their regular bedtime.

Some things we can do to help our kids go to sleep at night is to provide them with a consistent routine.

It’s important to provide an atmosphere before bedtime that reflects a quiet and restful place.  It’s not a time for wrestling, throwing balls, or running around.   Instead play restful music and dim the lights down.


This is what we do at our house to help our kids sleep.

  • We strive to get the kids down early enough so that they can have time to do their own thing in their room before heads on pillows.
  • After dinner, we brush our teeth and put on our pajamas
  • When that is done, we read books to them or we watch a family show is not over stimulating.   We love to snuggle on our couch as we talk about our day.  And we end in prayer.
  • My son has a few books that he likes to read and some Lego characters that he plays with.   My daughter listens to quiet music and colors.
  • We give them time to do this because it’s fuel for their soul and it slows them down. They fall asleep with ease when we tell them it’s time to put heads on pillows.   We give them a five-minute warning to finish up.   We tuck them in, they get one last kiss and a hug.

Every family must find the things that they like to do that is calming and helps everyone end their day on a good note.    It’s so important to be consistent so that kids know what to expect.

Keep in mind that any new routine takes time to get used to.  In time kids learn to expect it and look forward to it.   I like to think that everything we do with our kids is building memories and rituals that they will pass on to their kids.

Other things you may need to do for your kids to help them sleep.

For the child who keeps getting up to go potty – limit their water intake before bed.

Also there are some kids who get over stimulated and busy with play time in their room before for falling asleep.  In that case give them something soothing to listen too or a few books to look at.  And keep toys out of their room.


What are some of the things you do to help your kids go to sleep at bedtime?


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