• The Nips and Tucks of Marriage

    by - Aug 28, 2017
    Husband: “When I grew-up the bathroom floor was so clean you could eat off it.” Wife: “I’m not planning on eating off our bathroom floor.” Husband: “My mom irons everything, including sheets and underwear.” Wife: “I...
  • Stop Disrespectful Back Talk Now

    by - Jul 25, 2017
    Kids who make disrespectful comments to their parents on a regular basis when asked to do something need a heart adjustment.  In cases like this parents need to be firm and develop a strategic plan for...
  • Why Is Our Love Language Important?

    by - Apr 19, 2017
    The Other Key As Andrew and I were planning our wedding and even on our wedding day there were people that encouraged us to be good communicators. A marriage with two good communicators stays healthy and...
  • Raising Boys To Be Heroes Podcast

    by - Apr 9, 2017
    In today’s podcast I will be talking about raising boys and encouraging them to live life with a servant’s heart.    It’s our mission as Moms to raise God honoring boys and to help them become...
  • Six Ways To Nurture Our Kids’ Hearts

    by - Mar 29, 2017
        6 Ways to nurture Our Kids’ Hearts!  These won’t be a formula guaranteeing that the soil of your kids’ hearts will produce an amazing harvest, but they are six principles to guide your homeschooling...
  • Everybody, Listen Up!

    by - Mar 18, 2017
      Everybody, Listen Up!   A few weeks ago my family decided to go on an outing. As we prepared to head out the door, everybody had their own plan and tried to convince everyone else...
  • The Art Of Listening To Children

    by - Feb 9, 2017
    Wouldn’t you agree that best friends are good listeners?  I like hanging out with other ladies who want to hear my ideas and feelings.  Great listeners are those who are not quick to give you advice...
  • Patient and Respectful Parenting

    by - Feb 9, 2017
      I love taking drives with my husband through the country.  I imagine myself walking through the tall grass or sitting in front of a cornfield relaxing.  The country clears my mind.  We even have thought...

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