• The Nips and Tucks of Marriage

    by - Aug 28, 2017
    Husband: “When I grew-up the bathroom floor was so clean you could eat off it.” Wife: “I’m not planning on eating off our bathroom floor.” Husband: “My mom irons everything, including sheets and underwear.” Wife: “I...
  • 5 Steps to Take Today to Help You Reconnect in Marriage (Plus 7 More!)

    by - Jul 27, 2017
    Maybe you’re wondering, “What in the world happened?”   Your marriage vows still resonate in your heart: “For richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; till death do us part.” While taking those vows, you...
  • Secret Service: The Key To Unlocking a Bitter Heart

    by - Jul 6, 2017
    Secret service was the key to unlocking my bitter, angry heart and learning to love my husband again, which, in turn, saved our marriage. We still really loved each other, but something was very broken. My...
  • Why Is Our Love Language Important?

    by - Apr 19, 2017
    The Other Key As Andrew and I were planning our wedding and even on our wedding day there were people that encouraged us to be good communicators. A marriage with two good communicators stays healthy and...
  • Everyday Romance

    by - Apr 12, 2017
    I’ve never been much for the forced romance of anniversaries and holidays.  It’s not that I’m a romance Scrooge or anything, rather, it’s the expectations of grandeur on specific days that I resist.  Call me crazy,...
  • True Loves Kiss – The Real Wake-up Call

    by - Apr 3, 2017
    I remember very clearly the day one of my best college girlfriends made the statement to me that everyone always knew Gregg and I would end up together forever, married into our happily ever after.  She...
  • When You Are Tired – Encouragement For Wives 

    by - Feb 9, 2017
     We have received around 40 zucchinis and squashes over the summer from our garden.  My kitchen counter is covered.  My husband planted four small plants from four small seeds in spring.  I’m amazed how one little...

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