• The Hectic Morning

    by - Oct 1, 2017
    It started as a great morning. The filtered sunlight warmed my face before my eyes opened and one of the last songbirds of the season added joyful music to the dawn. The house was quiet and...
  • Is Your Heart Troubled by Your Child’s Behavior?

    by - Aug 25, 2017
    Parenting can be hard, scary, overwhelming, and frustrating.  We all go into parenting with, ideas, hopes, desires, and we never expect our hearts to be broken or troubled with worry, confusion, or sadness.  Sometimes we are...
  • Be a “Yes” Mom

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    I am not a “yes” mom. You know the “yes” mom. The fun mom who doesn’t mind noise, mess, and a little chaos. She knows how to relax and have a good time. I wish I...
  • Missions – Your Mission Field Mama by Robbi Bittle

    by - Jun 26, 2017
    6 Ways to Prepare for Missions Trips & Your Mission Field Mama Missions is something dear to my heart. That the nations would come into a relationship with God through Christ Jesus is a prayer of mine,...
  • Rushing through life? Slow Down by Mariah Glynn

    by - Jun 20, 2017
    I’ve never been able to sit still. My childhood report cards were sent home with the red penned notes “unable to focus,” “distracted,” “chatty.” I always felt like there was something more interesting somewhere… else. Now...
  • Dreams – Are My Dreams Too Small

    by - May 27, 2017
      Enough Is it enough? We can often fall into the trap of asking ourselves if what we hope for our lives is enough. This is especially true from moms everywhere. There is so much pressure...
  • Cure For a Lonely Heart – Be A Friend!

    by - May 25, 2017
    In the core of our being we long to be seen.  We wonder if anybody notices us and when they don’t we conclude that we don’t matter.  Months can go by before we hear a good...
  • Kids and Telling Lies

    by - May 20, 2017
    We had a young woman living with us for about 9 months. She worked as a care giver for elderly home-bound folks. One evening, after training, she came home visibility upset. “The company wants me to...
  • The Weight Of Mothering

    by - May 5, 2017
    If there’s anything more blissful this side of heaven than cuddling your baby for the first time I don’t know what it is. That sweet smelling bundle resting on your breast holds the power to both...
  • Decision To Home School Comes With Confidence In God

    by - May 4, 2017
    There are decisions that we must make for our children that are not easy.  There the kind of decisions that keep us up all night wondering what to do and we question our ability.   Maybe...

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