The Hectic Morning

The Hectic Morning

It started as a great morning. The filtered sunlight warmed my face before my eyes opened and one of the last songbirds of the season added joyful music to the dawn. The house was quiet and the coffee already brewed by the blessing of an automatic timer.


I tiptoed from our bedroom where I normally do my Bible devotions to let my husband sleep a few extra – and precious – minutes before church.


With a filled mug in hand, I snuggled into a throw on the loveseat in our living room to read through a few chapters of 1 Corinthians. The words of a verse stirred my heart as so often happens and I realized all my writing utensils were still in the bedroom. I’m a girl who doesn’t like to miss a good highlighting opportunity so I quietly made my way back to our nightstand to grab two colors of TwistableTM pencils.


Back to the loveseat, back to 1 Corinthians, back to snuggling in.


Then I heard them. The clumsy, adorable feet of a puppy climbing the stairs. My son and the newest addition to our home, Groot, came up from the basement. Groot was bee-lining toward the front door to go outside, slip sliding on the hardwood floor as he hurried. Who could help but smile?


Before long, my daughter-in-law and their older dog also appeared in the living room. Nikki and I were soon in a chipper conversation. She brings a level of morning cheer that’s pleasant and contagious. “Chris,” she said, turning to my son. “Can you help me for a minute?” And they disappeared into the basement.


By this time, Groot enjoyed a crunchy, somewhat noisy breakfast in the kitchen. It seemed everything had settled again so I picked up reading where I’d left off. Within 2-3 sentences, there was Groot.


We have an afternoon routine, Groot and I. The loveseat is a comfortable place to write and study and he often joins me there – draping his growing body across the back of the cushions while I sit toward the front to reach the computer keyboard in its place on the coffee table.  This is a pup who is serious about his sleep. When it’s naptime, nothing gets in his way.


A few weeks ago, little Groot couldn’t get onto the furniture alone so he’d muster the energy to put his front paws in place and I’d lift his back-end up, like an elevator. Sunday morning, it appeared, was a good time for a nap, too. Groot stood next to me, feet up on the sofa cushion waiting for the “grammy-vator.”


As much as I love his snuggles, I know the day is coming when he’ll take up every inch of that loveseat. I tell him daily he’ll need to be sure to leave room for me to sit as he grows, but I’m starting to think he may not understand me as thoroughly as I hope.


This morning, however, Groot didn’t have a nap on his mind, but something else that he neglected to clearly mention. He leapt from the sofa and meandered toward the front door. Since he’d just been out, I didn’t give him much notice, but eyeballed him to make sure he wasn’t chewing on something he shouldn’t.


Back to my reading, followed by a quick glance at Groot. You can’t be too careful with a puppy.


“NO!” I shouted at Groot who was now squatting near the door, leaving several small and smelly gifts. I sprinted toward him, shoving him out the door, scolding all the while.


The clean-up procedure began and I carried the pile toward the bathroom where my husband was now showering. I barged in, dropped the gifts into the commode and flushed. Instead of a rush of water, I heard a lazy gurgle. I gave it another flush for good measure, hoping the clog would clear. It didn’t. I knew my next step, but as I reached for the plunger it was nowhere to be seen.


To the basement I flew, knocking on the door to the kids’ bathroom like a crazy landlady. We traded a pup for a plunger and handled the baton (aka plunger handle) exchange like an Olympic relay team. I made it back to my bathroom before any collateral damage ensued and put the tool to good use.


And now, I was starting to run late for church.


This, I thought, is how a mom of youngsters feels when she finally finds a few moments to spend with God. I wouldn’t know for sure because while I was, indeed, a mom of littles once upon a time, it wasn’t a season of life when I pursued God or placed importance on time with Him. What I did know was that every possible interruption found its way into 15 minutes of planned quiet and solitude that morning. And I recognized that level of craze from many years past.




And so, for the momma who struggles to find a moment of quiet in her consistently hectic routine, I offer three points of hope:


  • This season is just that – a season. I’m not the only one who will tell you that the moments when the kiddos are young and needy are fleeting and pass too quickly. It’s true. It has been years since I had such a graphic reminder of the old days. Stay patient and take in your time with God as it comes. Before you know it, you’ll have time for peace and quiet again.
  • Someday you’ll look back and laugh. When you’re at wits-end, tempers may flare and your patience may run short. Please know that you’re not the monster you see yourself to be. I encourage you to vent with gentleness and in appropriate ways. In those moments when you miss the mark, take a few steps back and try again. It gets easier. It really, truly does.
  • God honors your efforts. No matter how they look, no matter how much time you can devote, He sees you try. He knows that in your heart, time with Him is important to you. That blesses Him and believe me, He’ll reward it someday.


Young momma, hang in there. Maybe instead of sitting quietly and reading God’s Word, your time with Him looks like on-the-run prayers and a Bible verse written on a note card and taped to the dashboard of your car. Take what you can get. Do your best to carve out time for God but know He created you to be a busy momma right now. This season is yours to embrace and enjoy. And it won’t last forever.


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