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Toddlers need more real life action than entertainment. I remember when my children were toddlers I worried about letting them watch too much television.    I decided that 20 minutes a day was enough time,  give or take a few extra minutes here and there depending on the show.  I just can’t imagine letting toddlers watch more than 20 minutes a day. 

Highlights – toddlers and television

  • Toddlers are developing important skills by climbing, jumping, swinging, and running.   I think these types of activities help them problem solve, socialize, and handle emotions.
  • Brain development is critical the first two years of life.  And its’ through play, stimulation, and interacting socially that they develop the skills that they need for later in life.
  • Toddlers mostly learn through touch, smell, taste and physical activity.
  •  Educators suggest that at age two toddlers can learn up to ten new words a day.
  • Early Childhood professionals would say that language development happens when parent’s read word books, tell stories, sing rhyming songs, and engage in fun conversation.
  • Educators suggest that toddlers learn by listening to adults talk.  They watch our faces, body movement, and listen to our tone.    Sentences start to form at this age and they need to be engaged in real life conversations.

It’s important for us as parents to be intentional about what we allow our children to see and be a part of.  Television can become a bad habit if we don’t pay attention to how much time our little ones are in front of it.  When my toddlers were, little there were so many things to do that there never seemed to be enough time for television anyway.

My kids loved to participate in simple activities like singing and dancing.  We went to our local library for group toddler time activities. I also enjoyed taking my kids to swimming lessons or setting up water play in the back yard on warm days. We used to go to gyms where they could romp, roll, crawl, and climb.  They liked rolling over the big cushion blocks or stacking them and then knocking them down.  In my podcast today I will share more fun things!

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