Travel Down The Road Less Traveled and Dare To Be Different

Less Road Traveled – Dare To Be Different

We all struggle with social pressure. The need to be like everybody else. There is always someone who has what we want. We hunger for fame and instead we find ourselves alone. We shame ourselves when we fail to be like our ideal hero.  This indeed is not the road to be traveled.

We have the mistaken belief that we can be all, do all, and never get tired of it all.

It’s in the place of pure exhaustion when we finally realize that in order to survive another day, we must learn to be ourselves. It’s at this point we celebrate the success of others and we go with God to find ours.

Therefore the journey of life is discovering who we are, what we have, and what we can do. We can’t let the most popular things or ways in life tempt us to turn our eyes from the voice of God. What is He saying to you and me at this very moment?

He asks us to take the road less traveled

Road Less Traveled

Don’t be jealous of what others have but enjoy what we have.

Appreciate every moment and don’t overlook what is right in front of us.

God doesn’t want us to be like anybody else. He gave us our temperaments. He has prepared us for His calling by designing us with gifts and talents. We must take off our masks and deliver what God has called us to share.

The road less traveled is daring to be our self and learning to take every step towards Gods Kingdom by serving with a joyful heart. It’s taking risks without carrying heavy bricks to weigh us down.

We don’t have to travel down the most popular road anymore. This road only leads to greed.

No more doubting our self because we are different. The art of living is unique, we strive to create and lead. We don’t follow a crowd but we follow our Savior Jesus Christ.

The road less traveled doesn’t require us to be like everyone else.

Are we willing to lighten up our time that we spend on social media?

Because on the road less traveled there isn’t very much time to compare ourselves to others.

Time Spent On The Road Less Traveled

Our time spent on the road less traveled is filled with grace, mercy, and compassion for others.

We must make a choice of what road we are going to take. Will it be the less traveled one or will it be the most popular one.

We must keep in mind that we will never be good enough on the road that is most popular. But on the road less traveled we will have peace, comfort, complete acceptance, forgiveness and rest.

I don’t have to be like anyone else. I want to know the person in me that Jesus died on the cross for.

How about you? What road do you choose to take?

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